Circuses care about animals. Opinion

YOU really have to wonder. Two idiots go to Africa and one kills a favourite lion, the other one kills a huge bull elephant. Yes, for fun.

In Australia, we have the well-respected Ashton’s Circus facing council bans because they have horses and dogs in an act.

I would guarantee these animals would be well looked after for the short time they perform.

I have written before regarding animals in circuses, as my son was a lion trainer with seven beautiful lions at Kryal Castle in Victoria.

Because of pressure from animal liberation people, five lions were put to sleep.

Zoos would not accept them as they do not mix and to build new enclosures is very expensive. These animals were treated with love and respect and children had a chance to see them up close.

The world’s animals and sea life are on the decline so circuses were the final place to see them and for children to interact.

RIP the animals.