Concert magnificent

I HAVE looked all through your last edition, but could find no mention of the recent magnificent concert that exemplified all that the Stretch Festival is.

It was held at Christ’s Church, which is famous for its acoustics, and the packed venue was enthralled by the singing of the 40-strong Mandurah Choral Society singing the collection of songs from Les Mis, and then went on singing, with Mandurah Festival Orchestra’s inaugural performance, some very famous choruses.

And this lifted the singing to yet another great level, all under the masterful hand of Chris Ryland.

The concert finale brought people to their feet with their rendition of The Hallelujah Chorus by Handel.

And not only were we privileged to listen to all of this ” all for free ” we were truly entertained by the 50 to 60-strong primary choir from Frederick Irwin Anglican School with six swinging songs.

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