Halls Head resident dissatisfied with public rubbish bins

JUST what is the council policy on rubbish bins in public reserves?

During the winter storms the bin opposite my home kept blowing over in the wind. Obviously, the solution would be to clamp the offending problem to the bin support post.

Suddenly, after three months frustration, we have some doggy bags. This is most helpful considering the area is supposed to be a school sports ground.

Now the glorious council is renovating the soccer stadium car park again with a new footpath but still no extra rubbish bins for the restaurant patrons to use at 2am or just drive down to the local school and dump the tinnies in some other bin. That will probably do.

The rubbish outside the public library is also disgusting.

In this crazy town; how do the rangers proposed to actually fine rubbish dumpers $400 if the reserves have a shortage of bins.