Curse lifted

LLOYD Jacobsen (Dining curse, Coastal Times, December 16) has obviously had a bad dining experience at one of Mandurah’s better-known and well-regarded restaurants.

Without specific details, it is difficult to say whether his acerbic words are justified or not for the restaurant in question.

However, he does not let that deter him from condemning all of Mandurah’s dining establishments in the one outpouring.

Since moving to Mandurah two years ago, my husband and I have dined out at many local restaurants across a broad spectrum from cheap and cheerful to sophisticated and pricier.

There have been some dining experiences with which I have been disappointed, but many more have been very pleasantly memorable and sometimes surprisingly so.

I cannot fathom Lloyd’s declaration of a “that’s as good as it gets” curse as an all-encompassing assault on local eateries.

Here is a plug for the humble fish and chip shop that Lloyd much maligns.

Try the house special at an establishment in the Terrace just north of the Brighton Hotel.

Sit outside the shop or take your lunch across the road and enjoy it (as I am sure you will) while overlooking the water.

I will be very surprised if you think this shop suffers from Lloyd’s curse.