Cut to an Aussie Republic

AUSTRALIA Day is always the time when the subject of us becoming a republic jumps up.

The Prime Minister, Opposition Leader and all the Premiers except for ours seem to be for it.

The obsolete days of the wasted expense of Governor-Generals and Governors in this modern era has eventually to end.

Surely, we could get an Aussie to cut ribbons at openings.

People get a surprised look on their face when you say we are a British colony.

This was proved when the Queen of England dismissed our Prime Minister Gough Whitlam on the recommendations of the then Governor-General Sir John Kerr.

The movement of British and Australians between our two countries is not as it used to be. It is now much harder.

Becoming a republic does not mean a drift in relationships with Britain but let us be honest; we have both gone our own way with trade and so forth.

When was the last time you saw the Royal Navy in Fremantle?

Finally, Royalists do not panic: it will take politicians with guts to make this huge change and they are not available.