Debacle not new

IN support of James Roberts of Halls Head (Coastal Times, September 24), I too was held up at the traffic debacle on Thursday, September 4.

It is obvious the council has no planning skills regarding traffic diversions and so forth.

I refer to the other debacle some three years ago with changing traffic direction near the old traffic bridge.

When inquiring to the council about that shambles and asking had it thought of requesting help from traffic police (i.e. placing constables at all traffic intersections), it appears it had not occurred to the staff to request that assistance.

Over several years, I have endeavoured to bring attention to several safety issues with the council and awaiting a response, sometimes for a year.

After contacting Main Roads as suggested by the council, its staff inspected some of the areas of concern as requested by me with council officers.

Main Roads agreed with me that certain areas were a safety concern.

The council refused point blank; it was not about to change anything. Where to now?

W.K. BURROWS, Falcon