Delay upsetting

Portrait of bride and groom by church
Portrait of bride and groom by church

AFTER reading the Coastal Times article regarding the new Oceanic Bar and Grill Tavern, I am extremely upset that council decided to re-advertise the tavern for yet another period of time just because a small, insignificant handful of residents could not be bothered to read and comment on the original advertisement.

I think it says something when Ray Warren and his wife distributed leaflets to 3000 households (homes of about 6000 adults) and only 80 of these people supported their concerns, which equates to 1.33 per cent of the adults who received the leaflets.

If my maths is correct, this means that 98.67 per cent of the people who received the leaflets must support the new tavern.

I moved to Mandurah six years ago from Perth with my family, as we really loved the way that Mandurah was growing and improving, with lots of new facilities being built here.

The once-sleepy town is no more, with a now-vibrant city being developed due to the many ambitious business people investing their hearts, time and lots of money into our community so that the rest of us can finally enjoy the facilities that you previously had to travel to Perth to find.

I live, work and socialise in Mandurah, and everybody that I have spoken to over the past 12 months is really looking forward to the new Oceanic Bar and Grill opening. It is what the Marina needs to bring some life to that side of our town.

Mandurah needs an upmarket tavern/eatery, which will give residents a lot more than plastic chairs on concrete floors.

A lot of planning and money has been spent on this site and it is ridiculous that anybody would even consider trying to stop its progress, especially when the owners have already gone through all of the correct, time-consuming procedures and have had approval.

Mr Jay Poland should be given all the help that he needs to complete the tavern, giving Mandurah another great social facility for us all to enjoy for years to come.

Ian Eastwood, Mandurah