IN last week�s edition, there were two examples of destruction of the environment and destruction of the opportunity to create jobs.

Swans flying into power lines because the trees that they used to fly over have been removed.

This is a perfect example of how destroying an environment has far-reaching effects than just the obvious ones.

Who would have thought that stripping trees would result in the deaths of water birds?

Then there is the deaths of insects, reptiles who fed on them, birds that are not hatched in the trees, possums that can’t eat the flora once available to them nor make their homes in them.

Roos and other fauna can’t rest in the shade, people can no longer enjoy the view nor shade of native trees.

Good on Western Power for quickly installing bird flight diverters, which I assume will be the same as the ones installed around Lake Richmond in Rockingham to stop pelicans flying from the lake to Penguin Island to roost, and have been effective there.

It is unfortunate that the stopping of clearing and stripping of the environment all around Mandurah and now in Halls Head has never been done.

At shopping centres, where are the cars mostly parked? Under shade. On farms, where are the animals resting? Under the few meagre trees that have been left.

Then there is the rejection of a fellmongering facility near North Dandalup. In a time and place where there are few employment opportunities, the stopping of the establishment that could employ a number of people in the area seems shortsighted.

Finally, a company wants to establish a business where the product is not coming from overseas and it is stopped.

The company has stated that it is not an abattoir, therefore the smell from it, if any, would be minimal.

In my mind, the blocking of this company is for the benefit of a few locals and a loss for the wider community.