Dining curse

WHAT are the differences between “fast- food” restaurants and cuisine dining restaurants in Mandurah? The answer is easy, very little.

In fact, it could be said that the fast–food chains at least demand a certain standard when offering their fare. On the other hand, our wonderfully celebrated, award-winning restaurants of this delightful seaside city seem to have a mind of their own when offering a dining experience to the public.

An experience is exactly what you are in for but unfortunately not always a good one.

It would appear that most expectations of out-of-home dining are met except for maybe the service, the quality of the food and the price.

The service is most often by an inexperienced person who, travelling with a friend was fortunate to land a waitress job in Mandurah.

The ingredients, if fresh (on rare occasions), will be cooked to death, possibly by the more brave and experienced of the travelling pair, possibly the male.

The price what can one say? When the offer of a special deal, such as a mere $20 for a sit down a la carte lunch, is on the table well that is about where it stops.

For me it is, while in Mandurah, stay at home and cook for yourself.

If you want to venture out on the town then do not place your expectations any higher than a take-away from the larger international brands.

Even the smaller take-away and fish and chip shops seem to be suffering from the Mandurah “That’s as good as it gets” curse.


Silver Sands.