Dog distressed

We could see only one window slightly open, definitely not enough and the car was parked in full sun.

The owner appeared at the car as we were trying to contact police and/or the ranger about the situation and was told by one woman how inhumane it was to leave her dog inside a hot car on a hot day.

Afterwards, I was amazed to see the driver simply drive and park in another bay. I approached her and asked if she was going to leave her dog in her car again. She replied yes and that she would not be long.

While trying to persuade her not to do this, a ranger appeared and told the driver the temperature in the car was 52C and she was to take her dog home immediately or it would be taken to the RSPCA.

I cannot believe that some dog owners would be so irresponsible to take out their dogs on such hot days and just leave them in cars.

I hope this owner now realises how foolish her action was and I hope her beautiful dog did not suffer too much from the experience.