Dog mess disgusts

Last year, while living in Dawesville, my wife had to hold the smaller of our two Maltese Shih Tzu dogs high above her head as a large dog attacked her while we walked our dogs on leashes.

Since our move to Falcon, I am disgusted at the amount of dog droppings left on the concrete pathways as we walk our small dogs. Some of the droppings are more akin to being speed humps they are so large.

In addition, recently one woman had the audacity to demand that my wife pick up her dog as this woman walked past with her large dogs that were untethered.

Why is it that society has gone so far downhill those irresponsible dog owners just cannot be bothered to clean up after their dogs?

It is simply disgusting to see and there is no way now we would walk our dogs unless both my wife and I were together for safety.