Don’t give up fight

HAVING read the minutes of the Peel Joint Development Assessment Panel’s (PJDAP) meeting held on April 28 regarding the proposed development at Manilya Parkway, Greenfields, there is no mention of a filling station that formed part of the original submission.

One can only assume at this time a filling station will not be part of the development.

Sadly, the green light for the development to proceed has been given, but I noticed from the minutes that only one DAP-appointed local government member was in attendance, with another tendering his apology for non-attendance.

On occasions when the appointed member is unable to attend, there are two alternative appointed local members, one of whom can replace the non-attendee.

It is most disappointing the City of Mandurah could only muster one appointed representative to attend the meeting.

I also find it very hard to understand there are people out there who wish to put a 24-hour McDonald’s fast food outlet and a bottle shop between two schools and opposite a large medical centre.

As for the proposed medical centre, is it needed?

I trust that the residents of Riverside/Greenfields will not give up their fight, but I am afraid that, in this day and age, the dollar seems to come before people’s feelings.