Drone was no rogue

THANK you for the front-page photo and article about the Anzac day ceremonies. However we are disappointed to read the comment about the “rogue drone” that disrupted the services.

The drone was commissioned from Sky Pixels by the Anzac Day organising committee to take overhead photos and movie footage of both ceremonies for two main reasons.

First, to get a new and different view and aspect of the ceremonies.

Second, because the old bridge may be gone by next Anzac Day we hoped to get some footage of the last march to be held over it.

We have only received one written complaint from the general public but we got many verbal compliments to say that it was a great idea, and good to see us moving with the times.

At no time was the drone over the crowd or did it pose a danger to the public, and was flown in accordance with all regulations and mainly flew over the estuary and the canal.

We do not feel the noise factor was excessive at any time, and the guidelines we stipulated were adhered to.


vice-president and

public relations

City of Mandurah RSL.