Duality makes for great hypocrisy

MORE idiot-proof CCTV cameras for Mandurah with the cardboard cops at Coles.

Just apprehend the lollie pilferers while Big Brother pushes another $300 shopping trolley down the road to dump it.

Now that’s an idea.

Decorate each abandoned trolley with some election posters for the political candidates in the coming Federal election.

Just make certain they are not dual citizens with a family estate in Hanover or at Kensington Palace before dining at Balmoral.

Probably Nancy Wake the French patriot was also a dual citizen, big deal.

Actually it should be the voting public that decide through the ballot box who represents us in Federal Parliament, not the High Court of Australia.

My father was a dual citizen booted out of London before the Great War at Gallipoli and the equally Great Depression.

Probably Noel Coward was correct when he said only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun.

Tony Burke is another dual hypocrite tourist pilgrim who dines at the Ritz while the working battlers have a pie for lunch.

David Coombs

Halls Head