Eight knots fast enough

I HAVE serious concerns about plans to increase the boat speed limit in Sticks Channel near Mandurah Quay.

There is no logical reason for a speed increase. I am dumbfounded that it is even considered.

Sticks Channel is surrounded by shallow water giving dolphins limited room to manoeuvre, especially at low tides.

With many boats travelling at higher speeds and coming from different directions, dolphins will panic if they don’t have sufficient time to get out of the narrow channel and harm’s way.

Several dolphins have been hit by boats in the estuary system.

Is increasing boat speed limits in such an important area so important that we would risk the welfare of our iconic dolphins and their calves?

I would suggest a speed limit of eight knots from Estuary Bridge to the last channel markers south of Boundary Island: increasing the speed limit though that area is not only dangerous but also irresponsible.

Surely, travelling at eight knots through what is essentially not much further than one nautical mile is not too much to ask.

The lives of dolphins may depend on this decision.

Craig Lester, Mandurah