Waroona resident defends mentioning Jesus and God in letters

I THINK it is fair to reply to Mike Sheldon's comments in the October 29 edition about my letters mentioning Jesus and God.

He stated “we” are fed up with Brian Sutton’s whingeing all the time. I wonder who the “we’ are?

As a genuine born-again practising Christian for 36 years, I would be a hypocrite to hide my faith in God and Jesus (the same persons) as all Christians are commanded by Jesus to love the lord your God with all your hearts and minds, souls and strength.

We are also commanded not to deny Jesus or He will deny us in heaven before His Father.

Obedience it the key to living a full Christian life; yet now many do not obey anyone, let alone God.

In today’s society, authority and its laws are ignored and in such ways that we need God’s laws or we disintegrate as a society of decent morality.

Christ is rarely mentioned, even at Christ-mas time because it has become so pagan.