Family grateful

I EXPRESS my sincere thanks and gratitude to West Australians for their tremendous support of The Smith Family�s 2015 Winter Appeal.

The charity launched its appeal on May 20 to raise $3.5 million by June 30, for the ongoing support of thousands of disadvantaged children across the country.

The appeal highlighted the vulnerability experienced by the one in 10 Australian children living in disadvantage, especially when at school and struggling to fit in and keep up with their classmates.

Our appeal brought attention to the isolating effects of disadvantage on children, and the fact that they often start school behind, slip further and further back and are at risk of being in poverty in the long-term.

It is heartening that this message struck a chord with so many people, who responded with great generosity to The Smith Family, ensuring we exceeded our appeal target and raised more than $3.7 million for disadvantaged children.

I thank each individual who made a donation, and let them know that their help will have a direct, lasting impact on more than 9000 disadvantaged children in Australia.


The Smith Family, WA.