Australia Day Fines Disgust

WOW, what a surprise many people will be getting when they receive their parking fines issued on Australia Day.

I did think that day was a public holiday and that parking would be free here in Mandurah, but no. The grey ghosts were making their marks on car tyres in all of the parking areas in and around the foreshore area.

We arrived in at 7.15am to participate in the Big Breakfast and to enjoy the wonderful entertainment provided.

After the main procedures were over, we wandering up to Dome to have a coffee around 10.30am and saw the parking inspector busy marking the tyres in that area.

We asked him why he would be working on this day, a public holiday. He replied that it was his job.

Well, I am disgusted that there is any charge for parking on Australia Day. It is a public holiday.

What will our newest Australians think when they receive their fine? They had to be at the venue by 8am. If our council is responsible for the parking inspectors working, shame on them.