Flowers Await for Good Samaritan

WHILE holidaying recently in Mandurah, I was involved in a minor car accident on the corner of Sutton and Gibson streets and an act of kindness must not be unnoticed.

I was really shaken up by the accident but otherwise all right yet a woman walking past with her little dog came over to see if I was OK.

I did not want to leave the car as it had some of my things in it, so she went back to her house, got her car and took me and my things back to the caravan park where I was staying.

She was quite concerned for me and she really went out of her way to help.

There were others who just stood and watched but she was so helpful.

I am just so appreciative of what she did for me. However, I did not even get her name.

I would really like to give her some flowers and if she is reading this please contact the Coastal Times for details.

The accident occurred on Saturday, February 13 at about 5.50pm.