That occurred during the Olympics Games in 2012 and our proud workers earned very many gold medals for watching hole digging, shovel leaning and a special mention for standing around in groups.

It is pleasing to see these skills have been maintained and even improved on, as demonstrated by the 12-14 weeks of activities at this important road junction.

I asked an acquaintance from the Erin Isle if he thought it would be insulting to say that eight Irish navvies could have carried out this work in a long weekend. ‘To be sure it would’ he responded. ‘It would be done by only four men.’

I know that Mandurah has many unemployed people but these are under-employed.

Where is the supervision and management by the council engineers for these projects?

With project management like this it is not surprising that a pedestrian footbridge connecting Greenfield to the station is going to cost $5.4 million and that the improvements to the Mandurah Aquatic and Reaction Centre are going to take at least 16 months.

And still our rates go up.