Future problems

The Dawesville Channel cut that flushed seawater in was great for real estate but now suddenly the development at Point Grey is different.

Actually, any housing estate, including the Yunderup and Halls Head canals, are a future environment problem caused by rising oceans.

Just what is the fantasy wish strategy to protect migratory birds’ habitat? I remember when the Chimmeys boat marina and housing was established in Erskine. The displaced birds were walking around the Halls Head school oval lost.

The Liberal politicians made big hot-air pledges to set up the Peel Harvey Estuary Advisory Committee. However, since the election we have not heard a whimper.

Will this laid-back Mandurah council ban future housing and canals near the estuary? No, it will probably do nothing, as usual.

When I came to Mandurah as a teenager, a big deal was made about a fertiliser that was cleaner and more environmentally neutral.

Just when will Parliament make it mandatory for the farmer and garden law expert to use it.

No more legal mumbo-jumbo strategies of compliance in accordance with the request that only demands forfeit after the damage has occurred.