Go for first place

I WAS pleased and proud to see where Mandurah ranked fourth out of 10 when it comes to nice service for customers.

However, I feel now we should try to be number one.

What Mandurah still has, even though we have expanded, is that nice country feel. If you walk into a shop looking miserable that is possibly the reaction you will receive from any staff.

I know that many think that �please� and �thank you� are old hat but I still use them as I tour the circuits. I find the response to a smile and some �old� humour still very effective.

It costs nothing to be pleasant.

On another subject, I am not against sensible progress for Mandurah as our population increases.

Now after saying that, do we really need the inconvenience of a seaplane landing on our waterways and estuaries for about six passengers?

Mandurah estuaries in the summer bring thousands of locals and visitors to enjoy the crabbing and fishing.

A seaplane would naturally need a fair chunk of landing and take-off space, and I reckon a jetty for people to alight from the plane.

This is not the first time a proposal of this nature has been raised in Mandurah. I hope the people who are responsible for our estuaries say no now, not later.