Good Samaritan

They then disappeared down another walkway further up Leslie Street that leads to the foreshore.

I jumped into my car and drove down to Soldiers Cove Road. In the distance, I could see the three youths walking along the path.

I pulled up in front of them and demanding that they return my parcel. I received only a mouthful of abuse and very bad language in response and they ran off.

A young man appeared from nowhere and caught up with one of the youths. However, I gave up on retrieving my parcel and returned home.

Later in the day, that young man arrived at my home on his bicycle, reached into his backpack and handed me my parcel.

He had retrieved my parcel after following the youths and finding them. I was happy to hear that the youths did show some remorse for what they had done.

It turns out Jase and his partner Bec have recently come to Mandurah and have opened a gymnasium. I wish them every success with their new business.

How many people would go to so much trouble because the victim looked so upset?