Does this mean the NBN has been fully costed?

The Gillard ship Titanic just hit a $19.5 billion hole in the budget wishlist with a $169 billion net debt problem that won’t just go away with more free utopia bluster from Stephen Conroy.

I sometimes wonder how the baby boomers survived at school without a calculator to do basic arithmetic and a computer for an instant answer with no reason to study or spell properly.

Oh, no worries, the Gonski plan will fix the problem.

The tax on carbon is also flawed. Why tax Peter to subsidise Paul?

Australia is compelled to use coal to generate more electricity for another 50 years, when industry could offset the carbon problem by planting more farm trees.

The last two fabrication companies I worked for went into receivership.

No wonder Kwinana and Mandurah have a 16 per cent youth unemployment problem.

Now the unions want General Motors Holden to save more jobs.

I don’t see the career bureaucrats rushing to purchase more Australian-made vehicles to boost local employment opportunities.

Some people working must endure casual employment, no wonder they find it difficult to pay the rent.

Clearly, this Gillard Government has lost the plot.

David Coombs,

Halls Head