Grade meat

Do I fry a piece of chuck steak with my breakfast eggs?

I don’t think so.

But I’ve been around a few years.

Many young people would, I am sure, like a lot more information on meat.

I am quoting beef as an example but the same applies to pork and lamb.

We know that Meat Standards Australia (MSA) meat is generally top stuff but what about the rest of the beef on the market?

Is that grade 2? (Don’t fry or grill).

Quite often, this meat seems to be grade 3 or 4.

We should be able to know what quality we are buying as it is the consumer who has no basis to judge on what quality they have bought – only when they cook it – and that sometimes is bad news.

Grade the beef 1, 2, and 3 (also pork and lamb).

Give the customer a fair go and the butcher should benefit by the pricing variations including better prices for their top produce and much better public relations.