Here’s hoping. Opinion. Traffic calming devices in Mandurah

AT 8 pm on Thursday, September 17, a young man died at the intersection of Leslie Street and Blackwood Parade. The car travelled more than 70 metres from him losing control before coming to rest in a mangled state.

The speed limit of 50km/h is generally not respected and this accident was very similar to one in August last year.

After that, I wrote to Mandurah City Council requesting that traffic-calming devices be installed in Leslie Street. Many councils in the Perth metropolitan area use such devices with good effect.

The council carried out a survey around the intersection but I was told, “these crashes do not correlate to a particular trend or indicate that a speeding issue exists”.

Now that Leslie Street and the intersection with Blackwood Parade has a “Black Spot” we live in hope that something, such as calming devices, will be constructed to reduce speeding along Leslie Street. It is a residential zone, not a raceway.

RORY O’BRIEN, Dudley Park.