Hoon nightmare in Mandurah

Police need to do as they say and clamp down on hooning in the area.
Police need to do as they say and clamp down on hooning in the area.

THERE are a number of very inconsiderate drivers who choose to use Broadstone Vista, Meadow Springs, as a drag strip.

We have had a number of incidents in the past three weeks that have been of major concern to residents.

We have had a driver come racing down the road and lose control of his car and crash into a light pole.

They were able to get the car moving again and gone before police could be notified, but it resulted in Broadstone Vista being shut to remove the damaged light pole.

We have also had a number of hooners who choose to do burnouts down the road and drive at fast speeds, which is going to cause a serious accident if this is not looked into soon.

As a resident of Broadstone Vista, we cannot even turn into our driveways without fear of someone driving into the back of us due to the excessive speeds that they drive down our street.

On entering Mandurah, there is a sign saying “Police are clamping down on hooning in the area”.

To date, we very seldom see a police car in the area and it would be good if they would come and sit in an unmarked police car and catch these speeding culprits as this is a serious accident waiting to happen.

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