Hopes for all


IN response to Greg Sudholz, chairman, Peel Farmers Market (Coastal Times, November 6), the article in the October 23 edition headlined ‘Farmers market on the Boardwalk’ was indeed making comment on the newest farmers market in the Peel and Mandurah district.

However, in the world of free press provided commentary can be edited. Peel Farmers Market is well aware that Mandurah Boardwalk Farmers Market has acknowledged Peel Farmers Market by approaching it to embark on a joint venture.

However, those involved with the MBFM feel disappointed that continual misinformation provided to the public is causing them to defend an excellent community initiative, which also gives numerous farmers and artisan creators an avenue to sell directly to those who are conscious of where their food is coming from.

MBFM would like to get on with that job and hope all prosper.

Erica Mathiesen,


Mandurah Boardwalk

Farmers Market