Republic: Let’s be Positive

Republic: Let’s be Positive

IN reply to Charlie Gibson’s letter Cut to an Aussie, Coastal Times, February 3.

Charlie has bestowed upon us another of his pearls of wisdom.

Like Charlie, I think that Australia should become a republic, but when and how I don’t know.

The politicians at this stage will not be pushing for it.

There are too many bigger issues to contend with and also looking at the ‘for’ and ‘against’ opinions, it is too close to call.

It would be interesting for someone with no political bias to present some detailed information on how long would it take and the costs involved.

Charlie mentioned the cost of a governor-general – I would suggest that this is peanuts compared to a president.

I would like to pass on a pearl of wisdom of my own, just between Charlie and me.

I think that the movers and shakers in Canberra will leave the issue of a republic to a time when the Queen either abdicates or dies.

Secondly, I do not think that Prince Charles will succeed the Queen.

My information is that she told him that if he married Camilla he would never be king.

If and when Australia becomes a republic, I would like to see something positive done at the same time as the Constitution is re-written to recognise Aboriginal people as the true Australians and rather than have an American style of president, choose an Aboriginal dignitary as the head of state… non-political.

I get annoyed when politicians of all persuasions seem to think apologies for the past and using patronising language to placate them is the answer.

Let’s do something positive!


Halls Head.