Halls Head resident tells of London’s backyard legacy

ONE of your correspondents in last week’s Coastal Times was discussing the lack of large back yards and said that in London they just did not have back yards.

She obviously has never lived in London, which I have.

Our first house as a child was during World War II and the garden stretched the whole length of the neighbouring cul-de-sac. We grew fruit, vegetables and kept hens.

Our next garden was large too with a good-sized terrace as well.

Also not only did all the houses I know have large gardens, but there were parks everywhere and “commons”. This legacy has been copied so successfully all over the world where the British lived in the past few centuries.

Perth for instance has beautiful open spaces and I lived in Auckland, which had the same. In London they also had apartments in big old houses and the garden squares were for those occupants who all held keys.

Dolphin Square where I also lived was built around a huge square with beautiful rose beds.


Halls Head.