Look deeper into Islam

Well before she writes again, I suggest she really looks into Islam because the burqa is the point of the slippery slope into Islam.

For Muslims this is a way of life, not just a religion, and it is completely incompatible with our Australian way of life.

Muslims follow the Koran, their holy book, which states no other religion be allowed or followed and forbids them to make friends with Jews or Christians.

Muslims say that the Koran does not ban women from doing things: that is correct.

However, it says they must obey men. Therefore, if a father or husband says they cannot do a particular thing, then they can’t.

They also say it is a peaceful religion but there are verses in the Koran that call Muslims to war with non-believers.

Muslims who do not join in are warned that Allah will send them to hell.

If you think women should dress as they wish, try walking down the street in Jeddah or Dubai in shorts and a singlet.

You would very quickly be feeling the lash across your back and told to cover up.

A woman wearing the burqa in Australia is probably just a fashion thing, saying look at me in a typically vain way.

On a lighter note, I once asked an Arab colleague why his wife had to cover up and walk two paces behind him (this is the Arab custom).

He replied that if your wife were that ugly you would want her covered up and behind you.

You will probably not publish this letter, but Rachel should have a proper look at Islam.