Man is at fault

It did not make sense to me then and it still doesn’t. So no, I am not a Christian.

Nevertheless, I believe that Christ was someone wonderful, touched by God if you like, and if we practised today what he preached and practised then, the world would be a better place.

Trouble is, when he left us, murdered by a mob (a political decision) we stuffed it up.

Stuffed it up good and proper, we did.

The Christian church in Rome proceeded to build a reputation for itself based on hypocrisy, wealth, torture, bribery and corruption.

Its message was carried by warfare when necessary: what today’s terrorists are doing is what the Crusades were doing way back. Today’s lot just have better weapons, that’s all.

I heard in a TV discussion many years ago that a starving village in Africa could live for a year on the cost of the Pope’s wardrobe; I reckon the same could be said of the Archbishop of Canterbury.

Christ didn’t dress in such style.

Somewhere along the line, the hierarchy in Rome decided the priesthood should be celibate. Was that decision based on something in the Bible?

The fact that God created life and supervised its evolution and humankind comprises two sexes argues against it.

We are not only reaping the disgraceful harvest of that decision today, but even worse, the resultant abuse was hidden for two millennia.

It seems celibacy was only required of the rank and file of the priesthood. Those higher up the regime had their palaces and mistresses and everyone ignored it.

A few centuries later (a short time in historical terms) if you didn’t adopt the Christian religion, you were executed.

One popular method was burning at the stake and when the executioner lit the fire the victim was alive and well ” as well as could be expected after torture.

Consider, with a history like that, how could Christianity not fail us?

However, it was not Christ’s teaching that was at fault but the consequent religion; founded, formed and administered by mankind, in a word, us.