Many despair

As the rate of land clearing and the removal of trees increases, it is obvious that remaining trees have a greater chance of housing wildlife.

The tree was assessed as being a safety hazard in the future. I don’t think it would have fallen down in the near future.

As Allison said, how hard would it have been to leave the removal of the tree for a few weeks?

The City says the tree was in poor and potentially dangerous condition so was exempt from planning approval requirements.

I think it should be the council’s responsibility to ensure a tree is free of nesting birds or other wildlife before giving permission to remove it.

It’s not good enough for councils to say it is the landowner or tree loppers’ responsibility. That attitude is not going to have a positive outcome for wildlife.

The decision to remove the tree was made with disregard for the wildlife inhabiting the tree ” sadly an all-too-common occurrence.