Many ways to celebrate Christmas

Pastor Hans van Asselt. Picture: Jon Hewson   d447470
Pastor Hans van Asselt. Picture: Jon Hewson d447470

CHRISTMAS is a birth celebration, the most profound and significant birth in the history of mankind.

How do we celebrate the birth of Jesus?

Yes, we want family to get together, share gifts, good food, enjoy the outdoors in the Peel region, go to a carols by candlelight event or even attend a church service.

I’m sure you have your family traditions to celebrate Christmas.

I have been thinking – what would Jesus like to see us do to celebrate his birth?

In the Bible, we read of Jesus helping the healing, encouraging the weary, giving hope to the despairing and loving the unlovable.

Would this mean compassion for migrants, care for the homeless, food for the hungry, posting on Facebook things that will inspire your friends, or just giving away a smile, a kind word or helping hand?

Merry Christmas.