Mariners happy with new unpowered craft launch site. Opinion

THIS note is to reflect a thanks to Mirvac for their efforts and to our council’s Works Department for their support in developing a fantastic, unpowered craft launching site at Egret Point – that of a hard gravel-surfaced car park, two extra rubbish bins and a white, sandy beach.

Names worth a mention are Fiona and Tim.

An ideal, unpowered (that is yet to be signed) launch site for a group of small sailing dinghy elderly mariners on a Thursday morning.

It is also a nice, quiet place for local families to go for our forthcoming warm summer nights.

If there were a downside, it would be for the druggies, bogan stubby parties and bait fishermen to put their detritus in the provided bins.

Just three metres from car to bin is not a big walk for real men.