Mayor retires with outstanding legacy

WITH council elections looming, I would like to honour the contribution of Mayor Paddi Creevey.

It really is the end of an era for Mandurah with Paddi’s retirement and I want to acknowledge her for the outstanding contribution she has made to Mandurah as mayor of the past eight years, and in her numerous roles in the community over many years.

Mandurah has been indeed fortunate to have had two mayors, in Keith Holmes and Paddi Creevey, serve for such a long time, bringing stable leadership to the City during a period of exceptional growth and challenges.

Paddi Creevey and I, along with former mayor Keith Holmes, were all elected to the Mandurah council in 1994, in an effort to save the Creery Wetlands from being developed.

Mandurah has undergone significant changes since then, and I acknowledge the contribution made to the development of Mandurah as a vibrant community.

David Templeman,

Mandurah MLA