Move is unethical

THE Government and Synergy have conflicts of interest over the reducing revenues, because customers are reducing their accounts using sustainable non-polluting technologies.

The option of increasing revenues by increasing the fixed costs only to solar customers is unethical.

Now most customers who have solar credit contracts with Synergy may receive 7.13 cents per unit. Synergy informs customers the unit price is low because it is a wholesale price that takes into account the infrastructure, maintenance and cost of delivery to the grid.

Solar customers also pay a regular supply charge that includes the same Synergy grid costs. Synergy resells the solar unit credits from 18.8 to 22.36 cents per unit.

The Liberal Government has a tradition of providing incentives to positive public behaviour. Scientists have expressed concerns for our environment because carbon pollution is not being reduced fast enough to avoid serious health issues for the public and the environment.

Therefore, it is crucial for all governments to maintain incentives to Synergy customers to access sustainable technologies for their housing.