New Mandurah Bridge is Awful

KEVIN Fowler in last week’s edition summed it up beautifully about our iconic old bridge.

I think the new one looks completely out of place and too modern. It will spoil the lovely peaceful ambiance of Mandurah and surely, it could be kept for walkers and cyclists.

If we have to have this awful new bridge, I would be interested to know what sort of barrier along the side it will have.

Will it be blocked so no one can see the estuary below while passing over the bridge? I hope not.

I lived in Italy and after the Germans bombed the bridge in the ancient town where we lived, the Italians stuck up a horrible bridge with concreted sides. Such a shame and I can see it happening here in Mandurah.

It seems they can design a lovely white elephant of a footbridge to the railway station but who designed this new monstrosity?

Why encourage morons to drive fast down Pinjarra Road and over the bridge.

I wonder how many trees will be felled in the park to allow this.