Halls Head resident offers to pay for a pedestrian safety improvement at Mandurah

MAYOR Marina Vergone referred in last week’s article about a shortfall in road funding to the need for ‘educating the community in a bid to change the behaviour of the individuals themselves.’

To this end, I would like to relate a ‘hair-raising’ experience I endured last Monday while turning off the old Mandurah Bridge into Mandurah Terrace at 15 km/h.

A lad younger than 10 and returning from the skateboard park screamed across the road from the bridge foot walk directly opposite Café Pronto on his scooter.

I braked hard, but clipped his raised right foot. He just looked around and grinned before racing along Pinjarra Road.

I appeal for a ‘pipeline barrier’ to be erected to force the use of the crosswalk 30 metres down Mandurah Terrace.

If council cannot afford it, I will pay the cost of installation.

This lad will obviously try this again. Education will fall on deaf ears.