Only Labor can deliver NBN for all

One of the elevated points of the conservation park in Butler.
One of the elevated points of the conservation park in Butler.

On Sunday, Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy Stephen Conroy announced that work will commence to connect an additional 40,900 homes and businesses in and around the Brand electorate to the NBN by June 30, 2016.

This means that if Labor is re-elected this year and work is able to continue, by the middle of 2016 more than 91,900 local homes and businesses will be connected to the NBN.

Labor is delivering the NBN to every house across Australia at no connection cost because we believe everyone deserves access to the NBN’s fast, reliable and affordable broadband.

While we are connecting all houses to the NBN for free, Tony Abbott will introduce a user-pays system where families will have to pay up to $5000 or be left disconnected from Labor’s NBN.

By the time today’s Year 7 students finish high school, their household’s internet needs will have increased six times ” we need Labor’s NBN to meet our needs now and into the future.

The Coalition’s outdated and ageing copper wire network won’t meet our future needs ” all households need access to fibre NBN and only Labor’s NBN will deliver this.

Labor believes that everyone deserves access to the NBN, not just those who can afford up to $5000.