Open to advice

IN response to the article in last week�s edition headlined “Wetland anomaly irks”, windsurfing in the Creery Lagoon only occurs about four times a year.

We only use it in very strong westerly gales, when there is no other safe alternative.

The windsurfing community asked for and received permission to sail on the lagoon from all the relevant authorities before commencing sailing.

A few weeks ago, we initiated discussions with the Mandurah City Council, the Department of Parks and Wildlife and Mr Craig Lester to establish what affects windsurfing has on wildlife and to formulate guidelines to address any concerns about disturbance to wildlife using the lagoon.

We have been advised that during winter gale conditions only the swans are likely to be feeding in the lagoon. Mr Lester�s main concern was the possibility of the swans panicking due to the speed of an approaching windsurfer.

We now have a management plan in place to allow the swans to move calmly to another section of the lagoon.

We remain open to advice from all interested stakeholders to ensure any threat to wildlife by windsurfing is negated.

MIKE LAYZELL, team captain, Mandurah Mob.

ANITA STAADEN, team captain, Pinnaroos.