Opinion: I was ‘inconvenienced’ by booze bus too, but very happy to see it – Stephen Clarke, Dawesville

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IN response to Ivan Edwards (Bad Timing Booze Bus, 11.10.17), I was also ‘inconvenienced’ by the same booze bus but unlike you had a very different reaction.

Yes I was ‘inconvenienced’ but very happy to see it.

Maybe it is because I recently had the ‘inconvenient’ experience of holding the crushed, lifeless body of my eight month old grandson who had been cleaned up by a drunk driver.

At least you actually made it home and just maybe it was due to the police doing the job the majority of the community expect them to do – whenever and wherever they need to – and not just when you think it is going to inconvenience you on your way home.

Maybe next time you are ‘inconvenienced’ on your way home, reflect on actually who is to blame.

The police trying to keep you and your family alive or the drunk driver who couldn’t care less because at the end of the day, it is all about cause and effect.

Until attitudes like yours change, the carnage on our roads will never come down.

Stephen Clarke,


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