Opinion: I won’t serve Mayor Vergoni’s order

Not happy to pay for bad service. Stock picture
Not happy to pay for bad service. Stock picture

TO all the restaurant people in Mandurah whom Mayor Vergoni asks us to support.

Why would anyone want to support your restaurants?

I’m 53 years of age and had been looking for work since May 2016. I’m a qualified manager in the hospitality line with 16 years’ experience doing my diploma in hospitality and managed three restaurants in Mandurah and Busselton.

You flaunt the 457 visas and the terrible pay you pay the backpackers. I just secured a job up in the Kimberley in a FIFO position managing a mine camp.

So when I bring back my hard- earned dollars don’t think I’m spending it in Mandurah where I’ll get bad service from 18 to 25- year-old backpackers and food made by 457 visa chefs.

Wake up Mandurah. My money is going to Rockingham.

Name withheld on request.