Opinion: Pulling our weight

SASHA Todhunter (Letters, 15.11.17), should take her argument re illegal immigrants to the individual level rather than pushing a barrow that transfers the cost of her ideas to just already overburdened taxpayers.

It could be along the following lines:

You answer a knock on the door and find a man, two women and five children standing there.

The man says “You don’t know me and my family but we want to come and live with you.

We want you to provide us with accommodation and an income from your own pockets sufficient to sustain us as we are unlikely to get employment.

We are from a very different culture so you might find some of our practices difficult to accept.

If Sasha would invite them in, then I suggest she put her money where her mouth is and agree to sponsor such a family from this year’s intake but leave the rest of us out of it.

She is obviously unaware that Australia has taken more than 100,000 immigrants this year (including 12,000 from war-torn

Syria) when our historical average is about 72,000.

We are obligated via the UN to house and provide social security to these people who have never made any contribution to Australia, while we have many thousands of homeless people who have paid tax and contributed (including in our armed services).

On a per capita basis, we have taken more immigrants than any other country (eight times Europe for instance).

We are well and truly pulling our weight in this area, having borrowed the funds to do so.

Perhaps Sasha could put her mind to how we can pay off our borrowings.

The First Peoples reference is false.

This is plagiarised from the Inuit people who dreamed it up to screw more out of the Canadian Government.

We already pay more money per capita for Aboriginals than any other identifiable group in Australia.

Suggest she read the following: http://quadrant.org.au/magazine/2017/11/fifty-years-unremitting-failure-aboriginal-policy–since-1967-referendum

John Randall

Halls Head