Opinion: Stop never-ending plague of plastic

THERE is an urgent need to free our world of disposable plastic containers.

You can’t purchase even simple veggies from some supermarkets without a plastic tray and film wrap.

I am 81 years old and I recall in 1972 when I first got several plastic bags, I washed them, and reused them, because they were far too unique to be put in the bin.

All our purchases from the supermarkets were put into heavy brown paper bags or packing boxes.

Milk and soft drinks came in glass bottles. The paper bags were of recycled paper and were useful for wrapping and then finally to be composted.

Now when I walk my dog beside the ocean, every metre there are plastic bottles, lids, fishing lines, twists ties and polyester rope bits.

Even the bread bags have little square tags of plastic.

I would hope to see the burden of plastic removed or at least lessened in the near future.

We can do this if each one of us really puts their mind to it. Sign the current petition at CCWA to stop the use of plastic bags.

Meri Forrest

Silver Sands