Owners’ duty

FURTHER to the report in last week�s edition about the Greenfield beheaded cat, regularly in either the front or back yard of my home I find dead/mutilated birds and most recently a blue lizard and frog, both mutilated.

Black and white cat(s) visit our yards, using them as their toilet.

It is cat owners� responsibility to ensure that their cat(s) at all times are controlled and supervised, not have a chance to sneak away, and wander around unsupervised. After all, it’s their animal, not someone else.

If the cat owner had looked after his/her animal, as a responsible person should, this cat and maybe lots of natural wildlife would have still been alive.

Obviously, organisations claiming to care for the welfare of animals appear not to consider birds, lizards, frogs and so forth to fall in this category otherwise penalties for the owners of those animals killing wildlife in someone else�s garden would be equivalent to that of killing/maiming a cat.

Daily thousand of animals are killed and beheaded in Australian abattoirs, cut up, wrapped in plastic and sold in supermarkets

No objections are heard from animal welfare organisations but kill a cat� oh boy.

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