Pests culled

It doesn’t matter what the issue is, you will always get some opposition to what takes place and a lot of the time it’s for the publicity, not the issue, especially when it includes government taking a stand.

Does Charlie Gibson (‘Water visitors’, Coastal Times, January 22) believe that when we go swimming in the ocean we should maybe carry a mobile people cage with us?

We could put it together ‘fit, float and finally feel safe’ or even better, get rid of the shark problem instead.

If I lock my dog in my back yard and a child or a person enters my back yard for whatever reason and is attacked then all of a sudden we agree the dogs has to be put down, even though it’s the dog’s domain.

We cull pigeons, rabbits, ducks, roos and dingos and many other annoying pests that spoil our lifestyle or the way we chose to live.

The size of the ocean in which they are talking about culling is microscopic compared to the size of the ocean in which the sharks live. The number of sharks caught will be miniscule compared to the number other countries kill legally for food or fins.

Come on WA, let’s make our beaches safer… and if we could get rid of the stingers that would be even better.