Play on parade

SCHOOL holidays are wonderful � peace at last on Sunday morning.

No more personal trainer for the tiny tots� soccer group.

The children are OK until Colonel Clink starts yelling go, go, go for three hours of robot instruction like an army major on parade.

We can hear him a street away.

Why did the City of Mandurah bother to invest in Peelwood Reserve soccer stadium when that sporting venue is empty on Sunday morning?

Now we have the gym bunny personal instructor set up his group at 5.45am to exercise in the dark with a spotlight.

However, the sports ground near the hockey stadium has enough free light power for an outdoor tavern near the council’s fully equipped gymnasium.

Probably the schoolchildren are wiser; they play for only 20 minutes at morning break and lunchtime and then they go home until the dogs arrive in the chauffeur-driven cars to poop and sniff around the reserve.

All ready for the trail bike moron who must wake up the dead at 5.30 on Saturday morning.

What fun.

Silly me; I thought it was a school playground, not an army commando course.


Halls Head.