Poem for Mandurah obstetrician Dr Low

Dr Yet Chee Low passed away last month.
Dr Yet Chee Low passed away last month.

A peom for Dr Yet Chee Low by Dr April Armstrong

In Peel District he gave care

And for forty years provided there,

Obstetric skills that gave great joy

When he delivered girl or boy

His calling to expectant mothers

Of every race and creed or colour,

Was a service given with respect

and kindness that they would not forget

Then his illness came that was a trial

And yet he always rallied with a smile,

When I felt grief and laughter too

And a grander man I never knew

Then fate determined that his life

Must end to be in union with his wife,

And I am sure when he’s at rest

His journey will be heaven blessed

With heavy hearts, we say goodbye

To this man who will never die,

For he will live in love sublime

Within the hearts of yours and mine

RIP Dr Yet Chee Low

24.11.1946 to 23.3.2019