Premier loses vote

WELL Mr Barnett, I am speaking for myself.

I’ve been in Australia now for more than 50 years. I’ve spent most of my time mining in the bush and offshore.

I built my own house with my own hands in Canning Vale. I had no handouts (first-homebuyer’s grant).

I brought up five kids, all Aussies. I did not take them on a holiday as I should have done or out for lush dinners.

I just saved for a rainy day.

Then you come along, you lose the State’s wealth and blame us for living too long. Now you want to take away a few cost-of-living allowances you say we don’t need.

I’ve been retired now for 11 years. My partner and I have saved more than $300,000 in pension and you want more.

My vote for you is finished. You say we should downsize to live off the profits, and then the estate agents will have a field day.

Knowing you have to downsize, retirement villages will double their price.

In life, you build your dream hoping to leave it to the kids (your home is your castle), then you Mr Barnett come along and start to steal it from us.

I was taught by my mother to save for something and then by the time you have saved for it you may not want it.

The land of milk and honey has been turned into bread and water. People in this day and age live on the streets.

Mr Barnett, when the booms were on you should have saved for a rainy day. You are only spending borrowed money; don’t forget the millions the self-funded have saved you.

We have got to get back to saving real money that you can see and to get away from cards.